BDSM 101

BDSM 101 A whip here, a tickle there, and a needle somewhere delicate … Everyone has limits. Everyone. Even ‘no limits’ subs that approach me begging to whip them, whether they realise it or not have limits – I’m betting they don’t want me to chop off a vital limb, or perform open heart surgery on them. Limits aren’t a bad thing, nor are safe words, aftercare, or bucket lists  … but that’s just me. Then again, that’s the point of this post. These are my top ten tips for BDSM, and kink. They won’t be everyone’s. Some people will vehemently disagree…

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My Fetlife Inbox, Part 2

My Fetlife Inbox, Part 2 It’s a new year, this means men everywhere (and some women, though I get more messages from men) have decided to fulfill their New Year’s Resolution of being stupid on the internet. Don’t believe? Or want to see for yourself? Here’s the evidence … Confused? Read FetLife Top Ten Part 1. As always, this post is best read whilst listening to Aria Da Capo. 1. This little gem was the inspiration for Part 2, I was on the phone when I received it, and then couldn’t stop laughing. The thing that made me laugh the most was ‘into’…

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My FetLife Inbox, Part 1

My FetLife Inbox, Part 1 FetLife, the Facebook of kinksters. Over the years I’ve received a number of eloquent, well structured, and positively delightful messages from members of FetLife. (Note: that last sentence was full of sarcasm.) I’ve even taken to reading them out online when I stream, set to the tune of Aria Da Capo. However, sometimes reading them out doesn’t convey the emotion behind the text. Sometimes, you just need to see the text. So, without further ado, here we go! In no particular order, here are some of the best worst FetLife messages I’ve ever received. 1. I’m going to start…

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