Sometimes Sex Hurts

Sometimes sex hurts.  It would be really remiss of me to write about sex toys, sex, and sexuality, without including the realities of sex. Sometimes sex hurts, whether that’s because you don’t get on with position, a part of your anatomy is playing up – depending on the time of the month of cervix will sit lower or higher which can increase the chances all of it being hit with penetration.  These instances are normal, or as normal sex gets, however there are many times where pain during sex is abnormal – unless you’re purposely inflicting pain BDSM style. Right…

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I lost my sexuality for a year. A love letter to Eroticon. 

I lost my sexuality for a year. A love letter to Eroticon. I’ve just spent a year living through hell. I wish that was an exaggeration. 12 months of insidious pain, climaxing in a 12 day hospital stay, and a bunch more daily meds with powerful side effects. I’m not cured – there’s  a chance I may get worse, but either way I’ve come up for some fresh air. A more fleshed out description lives here. It’s only because of a recent sex filled weekend at Eroticon that I realised just how out of touch with my sexuality, wants, needs,…

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Let’s Talk Sex and Disability

Let’s Talk Sex and Disability What I want to do, and what my disability allows me to do are two very different things. Let’s talk sex and disability. When you put me down on paper there’s a million and one things I physically can’t do – my body just doesn’t function like the stereotypical ‘normal’. Like I mentioned in my last post, it’s why sex work is perfect for me, but what about sex? What do you do when your body has an annoying habit of doing whatever it wants to do, but you love sex? How can you enjoy yourself when one of your…

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