Are cam models sex workers? 

Buckle in, I have a whole lot of thoughts about this question. I won’t pinpoint to the exact origin of this question, because it’s beside the point. However, the reason I bring it up is that’s it’s a question I’ve seen asked time and time again – in various forms. The question boils down to whether or not cam models/clip makers/online Dominatrixes etc., are sex workers.

There are a lot of arguments as to whether the answer is yes, or no. In fact, there are so many arguments that I could probably write an entire dissertation exploring them, and maybe one day I will. 

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My Sex Work Story

How I got into sex work, and why. This post I’m going to talk about my journey into sex work, but first, a little intro. To make a long story short I’m disabled. I have, and have had undiagnosed widespread chronic pain, plus a wide assortment of weird medical maladies for 10 going on 11 years now. Being a medical mystery/pain in the docs butt, is a huge part of my life, and it effects me daily. Not a day goes by where I’m free of pain or annoying symptoms, and if I try to do too much too fast then that day gets a…

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How I learnt to diversify my income from sex work, the hard way.

How I learnt to diversify my income from sex work, the hard way. I work for multiple sites with multiple payout dates, they’re also American sites. This means my bank takes even longer to send me the money, in any given month I don’t know when I’m getting paid – or even how much due to the exchange rates. When I first started working I worked for one site, a year later I started working for another, and then every few months I added another site. I first sold cam show – predominantly nonsexual live interaction with me for tips, then…

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My Sex Work Story: How I Got into Sex Work, and Why [Video Transcript]

My Sex Work Story: How I Got into Sex Work, and Why Transcript Today I’m going to talk about my journey into sex work. Controversial topic, especially considering the current climate with SESTA, FOSTA, and the digital economy bill. But I think that’s why I need to talk about sex work and how I got into it, because people don’t understand sex work. There’s a lot of fear mongering going around and sure, there is a reason for it. There is a reason people are worried, but sex work isn’t sex trafficking and that’s a distinction I want you to…

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Tips and Tricks from a disabled Dominatrix I

Don’t Panic! Tips and Tricks from a disabled Dominatrix I Clients, or at least dealing with clients can be tricky. I don’t session at all these days – it takes it too much out of me. Though, I never used to session to much way back when – I think I average 4 sessions a month on a good month. Why? My time, and energy is precious so I treat it as such, after 12 yers of chronic illness I’ve finally learnt that fact. When I did session I developed a certain way of sessioning – a code of body…

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How My Partner Helps with My Job

How My Partner Helps with My Job Being a clip producer isn’t exactly physically demanding … for most people. As always, I’m not most people. As I mention in this post I can’t put on the intricate lingerie needed for my job by myself, but that’s not all. Nowadays, half of my feet are numb, and this means I’m essentially a danger to myself. I have absolutely no balance. I can’t tell whether or not I’m walking into things, and I am very prone to falling over. As you can imagine this isn’t exactly conducive to being a clip producer…

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Eroticon Speech on Sex Work and Disability | Part III

3) You very rarely hear the voice of the sex worker or person with a disability talking, other people talk over us and for us.  This one ties neatly into my previous point, so I won’t go on too much about it, but even when our voices are portrayed they’re twisted. News articles want a story that juicy – just last year I came down to Eroticon, but I came down a day early to go to an industry event. The event was a showing of a new show like Sex Excetra that showcased sex workers doing their day to…

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Eroticon Speech on Sex Work and Disability | Part II

Sex Work and Disability First I’m going to answer why as a disabled person sex work is perfect for me? Pick my own hours. Work when I feel up to it. I can work from bed. I can earn residual income from things like clips whist in hospital. I can stop at any point. I can set my own boundaries. I can earn money – it’s actually really difficult for me – long work hours etc. Finally, being disabled is expensive. Scope recently found disabled people have over £500 of disability related expenses a month. Food, heating, aids and appliances,…

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Eroticon Speech on Sex Work and Disability | Part I

Sex Work and Disability “The aim of the talk was to give an inside view of what it’s like working within the adult industry whilst at the same time having a physical disability. Also to draw parallels between disability stigma, and sex work stigma – speaking personally as someone with a finger in each pie, sex work and disability are very similar in how they’re viewed – as something sensational yet marginalised and ‘not normal’.” I want you to think of your run of the mill path. Got it in your mind? Good. Now, I want you to walk down…

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