Hearing loss in the bedroom

Something you may or may not know – I have hearing loss.

As always with me, no one is sure why, and I’m still getting it investigated. I first noticed it late last year when everything else kicked off, and it seems to be accompanied by tinnitus, fluctuating sound independent of the hearing loss, vertigo and balance issues. Whilst I don’t have a good gage of whether or not the hearing loss has gotten worse, it’s far enough from my ‘norm’ that to effects me daily. Whilst it’s predominantly my lower tones, a lot of things can make it even worse like ambient noise, muffled voices, low voices, multiple people talking at once, and conversely high pitched tones. If there’s live music I have to wear ear plugs, and if I’m not expecting the word you’re about to say, there’s no chance I’m going to understand you. So this is my way of saying if I ever ignore you, I’m sorry!

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