2018 Roundup

2018 was my first proper year of blogging. Whilst this blog did start during the latter half of 2016, a lot of things happened that took my attention away during 2017, so 2018 was the year I really got into it. And it’s show. I’ve published 80 blog posts this year (18 last year), and more than doubled the amount of reviews I wrote in 2017 – granted not a hard thing to do.

I’ve already posted my sex blogging resolutions, but here is a very quick roundup of 2018!

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Eroticon Speech on Sex Work and Disability | Part III

3) You very rarely hear the voice of the sex worker or person with a disability talking, other people talk over us and for us.  This one ties neatly into my previous point, so I won’t go on too much about it, but even when our voices are portrayed they’re twisted. News articles want a story that juicy – just last year I came down to Eroticon, but I came down a day early to go to an industry event. The event was a showing of a new show like Sex Excetra that showcased sex workers doing their day to…

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Eroticon Speech on Sex Work and Disability | Part II

Sex Work and Disability First I’m going to answer why as a disabled person sex work is perfect for me? Pick my own hours. Work when I feel up to it. I can work from bed. I can earn residual income from things like clips whist in hospital. I can stop at any point. I can set my own boundaries. I can earn money – it’s actually really difficult for me – long work hours etc. Finally, being disabled is expensive. Scope recently found disabled people have over £500 of disability related expenses a month. Food, heating, aids and appliances,…

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Eroticon Speech on Sex Work and Disability | Part I

Sex Work and Disability “The aim of the talk was to give an inside view of what it’s like working within the adult industry whilst at the same time having a physical disability. Also to draw parallels between disability stigma, and sex work stigma – speaking personally as someone with a finger in each pie, sex work and disability are very similar in how they’re viewed – as something sensational yet marginalised and ‘not normal’.” I want you to think of your run of the mill path. Got it in your mind? Good. Now, I want you to walk down…

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I lost my sexuality for a year. A love letter to Eroticon. 

I lost my sexuality for a year. A love letter to Eroticon. I’ve just spent a year living through hell. I wish that was an exaggeration. 12 months of insidious pain, climaxing in a 12 day hospital stay, and a bunch more daily meds with powerful side effects. I’m not cured – there’s  a chance I may get worse, but either way I’ve come up for some fresh air. A more fleshed out description lives here. It’s only because of a recent sex filled weekend at Eroticon that I realised just how out of touch with my sexuality, wants, needs,…

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Eve’s Eroticon 2018 Meet and Greet

Eroticon 2018 My 2017 Eroticon Meet and Greet  NAME (and Twitter if you have one) Eve E Adler, but Eve or E are just fine … though if you’re feeling frisky Miss Adler will do. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram under @MissEveBlogs. What are you most looking forward to about Eroticon 2018? The people. I love meeting new people, and seeing news faces in the sex blogging community – though I’m still rather fresh to it myself, as this is only just my second year blogging. I’m also looking forward to getting through my talk on Sex…

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Ten things I took away from Eroticon 2017

Eroticon 2017 It’s been just over a week since I travelled to London so I could attend both Eroticon, and a screening from UKAP. A week of bumbling around trying to not talk about sex with everyone I meet. And, also a week of recovery – Eroticon drop hit me hard. When my body figured out it was time to stop moving at breakneck pace, it got ill. To kick off this post, I have a confession to make. Last week was my first gathering of like minds. Unfortunately, the UK doesn’t have much in the way of cammodel meetings or get togethers, so I’ve…

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Eroticon 2017 Virtual Meet & Greet

Eroticon 2017 It’s just clocked that Eroticon is only in a few days … so in an attempt to assuage some of the nervousness I feel I’ve hopped on the Virtual Meet & Greet train for Eroticon 2017! NAME (and Twitter if you have one) Miss Eve E. I’ll answer to most things really. Twitter: @MissEveBlogs What are you hoping to get out of Eroticon 2017? A chance to meet new people in the sex blogging community, and learn more about the industry. I’m also hoping Eroticon will inspire me to write more. I love writing, and I used to write a fair bit,…

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