Body positivity when living with multiple chronic illnesses.

Body positivity when living with multiple chronic illnesses.   I’m going to start off by saying that body positivity doesn’t come easy. Not that I think it comes easy to anyone, but it’s really easy to hate your body when it doesn’t do what you want it to do on a near constant basis. It’s also really easy to gain a negative mental image of yourself when you don’t see anything that represents you in current media in a way that isn’t ‘inspiration porn’. Instead of being a source of joy, and pleasure my body is usually a source pain,…

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Parlour Talk, life, and health … or lack of. 

Parlour Talk, life, and health … or lack of.  A few months a go I announced a pet project of mine – Parlour Talk. It’s a project I’ve toyed with, and worked on for the past year or so in between my main job, health, and hobbies. But, unfortunately, over the past year my health seems to have deteriorated to the point where I’m able to do little more than watch far too many cooking shows, and the odd spot of work. Side note: if you’ve never come across SortedFood before, I highly recommend subscribing to their channel, binging on…

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5 Ways to Feel Attractive During a Symptom Flare

Aka, “I’m experimenting with ways to make myself feel moderately human again.” I feel rotten. I don’t feel attractive, and I definitely don’t feel sexy. Last night, I told that to the Gent. He’s a good egg. He reassured me I’m still attractive, and had my hips been willing he would have definitely had sex with me. But, my brain isn’t quite buying it. My hair is unwashed. I’ve been wearing the same comfy joggers for days. I’m living off crisps, and anything non-perishable I can horde by my bedside, and I’m four layers deep into both dry hair shampoo, and deodorant. Sexy, right? But, this is the…

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Let’s Talk Sex and Disability

Let’s Talk Sex and Disability What I want to do, and what my disability allows me to do are two very different things. Let’s talk sex and disability. When you put me down on paper there’s a million and one things I physically can’t do – my body just doesn’t function like the stereotypical ‘normal’. Like I mentioned in my last post, it’s why sex work is perfect for me, but what about sex? What do you do when your body has an annoying habit of doing whatever it wants to do, but you love sex? How can you enjoy yourself when one of your…

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