Moving House to Improve My Sex Life! [Video Transcript]

In approximately less than a month, I will be in a new place which is absolutely terrifying – bone-chillingly terrifying. But, exciting, very exciting. There’s a lot to do in terms of buying and packing everything else, but absolutely terrifying. However, the thing I am most excited about is that my sex life is going to improve. I know this, I know this without a single doubt in my mind because my house isn’t accessible. So, everything is an improvement.

It’s also interesting … I’m going to go with interesting. The house I’m in now is an old house. It’s a house that has a lot of windows that I hate that are not double glazed. (So many ladybugs in the bedroom right now, it’s very weird – They’re perving on us during sex) It’s very drafty, and very steep stairs, completely inaccessible and just a money pit. Thankfully, we’re just renting, so it’s not our fault if anything breaks.

The house we’re in now has no space for spontaneous sex. The previous place I was in, a lot of spontaneous sex happened in places where it really shouldn’t have happened, like the bathtub. The edge of the bathtub which then ended up being on the floor in the bathroom which then, by mutual agreement, the Gent and I just decided that it was working, shall we go to the bedroom. Surprisingly, it worked a lot better there.

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Rocks Off Ruby Glow [Sex Toy Review]

Sex Toy Review | Rocks Off Ruby Glow  The Rocks Off Ruby Glow was conceptualised by erotic writer Tabitha Rayne, and collaborated with Rocks Off. I met Tabitha at Eroticon this year, and she’s a lovely lady. As you’ll see, this didn’t impact my review.  The Basics  Cost: £39.99 Materials: Body safe silicone Size:  L: 7inch W: 2.5inch  H: 2.25 inch   Weight: 183g   Recommended Lube:  Water Based Waterproof: No Batteries: AAA Modes: 10 different functions. First Use Notes Take it away past Eve!  Note: this was before I got burning/pain in my feet, and legs, so I could…

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How do you make sex toys accessible? 9 ways to make sex toys accessible, or at least get you thinking.

How do you make sex toys accessible?  9 ways to make sex toys accessible, or at least get you thinking. I’ve had a number of conversations about how to make sex toys accessible with various people, from bloggers, to industry folks, and to the Gent. The short story, there’s no one way to make every single sex toy on the market accessible, the long story … well read on. Accessibility in sex toys is a topic close to my heart. I love sex toys. I have so many of them that each year my sex toy storage has to increase, but…

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Accessible Lingerie

Accessible Lingerie  (This post is brought to you by being by myself for for the first time in over a year, and trying – and failing to put lingerie on for work.) I love lingerie, I wear it for work, pleasure, and play. I wear it for myself, for customers, and my partner. But at the moment I can’t wear it, at least I can’t wear it independently. The tips of my fingers don’t work, and can’t really feel sensation in my finger tips, my hands go red and ache, and I can’t bend my arms or my body into…

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