Zumio – Purple Power that Packs a Punch [Sex Toy Review]

Toy Review | Zumio – Purple Power that Packs a Punch Packaging The outer sleeve of the Zumio is holographic. Need I say more?  The contrast of the white box against the purple text makes for an easy read, and the choice of font and size allows for easy comprehension.  To get the Zumio out you don’t need to go through a mass amount of packaging. All you need to do is remove the protective wrap, and lift open a box. From there, the toy is sat in the charging dock, which makes it easy to lift up and remove.…

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Sex Toy Review | Rocks Off Purple Heart

Rocks Off Purple Heart Review Battery powered vibes, for me, have been a lacklustre effort each and every single time I’ve tried to get myself off with one. Until the Rocks Off Purple Heart came along. Now I have to admit I might actually like a battery powered vibe. As with may sex toys nowadays, the Rocks Off Purple Heart arrived in discrete packaging, and the box was fairly easy to rip apart … I mean get in to. The Basics The Rocks Off Purple Heart has two buttons that light up around the edge – one to change mode, and…

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Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse (With Remote) [Sex Toy Review]

Review | Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse with Remote The Gent and I already own the Pulse II Duo, and whist it has faults (more than I’d like in a toy), it’s a staple in our toy box. So, I was more than a little curious at Hot Octopuss’ latest model, the Pocket Pulse. First Impressions I really like the box. It’s definitely eye-catching – you’re not going to forget about it or leave it at the bottom of your toy box. For some reason I’m a sucker for the orange/gold colour, and, it’s shiny. I like anything shiny. The first thing…

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Fifty Shades Darker [Film Review]

Fifty Shades Darker Film Review Many years ago, when I was an eager young kinkster, I read the Fifty Shades trilogy. The first left me disappointed, the second despondent, and the third in despair. Was this really how people saw kinksters? Broken humans, with nothing to offer in the way of affection? A little exploration into the world of kink, and I soon realised it wasn’t. Kinksters are, for the most part, lovely people. Of course, just like any community in life you get a few characters that are less than savory. But, through exploring the community I found amazing open minded…

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