“Good for Disabled People”

“Good for Disabled People” This gets a whole section, and a soapbox. This section was originally within my review of the Rocks Off Ruby Glow toy, however as soon as it reached 800 words I knew I had to split it all up. 2,000 words is far too much to easily read in one sitting.  So, I know the Ruby Glow wasn’t designed with disabled people in mind, but you don’t get to claim the title after the fact if you’ve not spoken to disabled people about how they use it, and if they can actually use it.  Good Housekeeping…

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How My Partner Helps with My Job

How My Partner Helps with My Job Being a clip producer isn’t exactly physically demanding … for most people. As always, I’m not most people. As I mention in this post I can’t put on the intricate lingerie needed for my job by myself, but that’s not all. Nowadays, half of my feet are numb, and this means I’m essentially a danger to myself. I have absolutely no balance. I can’t tell whether or not I’m walking into things, and I am very prone to falling over. As you can imagine this isn’t exactly conducive to being a clip producer…

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Eroticon Speech on Sex Work and Disability | Part III

3) You very rarely hear the voice of the sex worker or person with a disability talking, other people talk over us and for us.  This one ties neatly into my previous point, so I won’t go on too much about it, but even when our voices are portrayed they’re twisted. News articles want a story that juicy – just last year I came down to Eroticon, but I came down a day early to go to an industry event. The event was a showing of a new show like Sex Excetra that showcased sex workers doing their day to…

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Eroticon Speech on Sex Work and Disability | Part II

Sex Work and Disability First I’m going to answer why as a disabled person sex work is perfect for me? Pick my own hours. Work when I feel up to it. I can work from bed. I can earn residual income from things like clips whist in hospital. I can stop at any point. I can set my own boundaries. I can earn money – it’s actually really difficult for me – long work hours etc. Finally, being disabled is expensive. Scope recently found disabled people have over £500 of disability related expenses a month. Food, heating, aids and appliances,…

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Body positivity when living with multiple chronic illnesses.

Body positivity when living with multiple chronic illnesses.   I’m going to start off by saying that body positivity doesn’t come easy. Not that I think it comes easy to anyone, but it’s really easy to hate your body when it doesn’t do what you want it to do on a near constant basis. It’s also really easy to gain a negative mental image of yourself when you don’t see anything that represents you in current media in a way that isn’t ‘inspiration porn’. Instead of being a source of joy, and pleasure my body is usually a source pain,…

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