Starting over in clip industry.

Starting over in clip industry. I’ve been involved with clips since the start. It’s how I began my career in the adult industry, and it’s probably how I’ll continue it. For me, clips sell, and they sell well enough for them to be my primary source of income. However, I’m comfortable right now, almost too comfortable. Naturally, this means starting over in clip industry. Let me just say that I started writing this before the events surrounding IWC occurred, but it was a good reminder that this industry isn’t stable, so you take it for all you can. Why did…

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MoonyVids You know yesterday when I blogged about the latest clip site ‘drama’, well that was yesterday. As predicted today brings something new, this time from the clip site known as ManyVids! This new thing … MoonyVids.  I’ll give you 10 seconds to guess where this is going. Moon, vids … MoonyVids! I hear you groaning, and not from sexual release. The plan: “to alleviate the alienation and isolation of space travel.” If like me, you still can’t quite wrap your head around why this is happening, here’s a little more content from Bella French ManyVids model, and CEO: “We’d like to…

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My thoughts on the recent IWC changes. 

My thoughts on the recent IWC changes.  I am an ‘artist’ on iWantClips. I woke up this morning to find out that 10% of my earnings would be disappearing. Needless to say, I wasn’t too happy – I don’t think anyone would be.  The Facts IWC will now be paying the industry standard of 60% down from 70%. IWC will now cover chargebacks within that 60%. IWC tributes will go up from 75% to 80%.  The changes will go into effect on October 1st. From November, payouts will be timely. A button that increase the price all past content to…

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Elust 110 | Sex Bloggers are Awesome

Photo courtesy of Lido ~ Exposing40 Welcome to Elust 110– The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #111? Start with the rules, come back October 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!   ~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~ Fat, Beautiful, Worthy Not going great what pro-choice looks like in practice   ~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~ Uniform response……

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Post Orgasm Torture (AKA Getting Off on Getting Off)

Getting off on getting off.  On of my favourite fetishes is post orgasm torture. Ever since the doctors put me on antidepressants last year, my sex drive hasn’t been the same. I used to be able to orgasm quite easily, and orgasm multiple times, but nowadays it can take awhile to even achieve one orgasm, and I have to work hard for that orgasm. This is true for nearly every sexual act apart from one, post orgasm torture.  As a professional dominatrix, kinkster, and hedonist that has a slightly sadistic street, post orgasm torture is right up my alley. It also…

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Are cam models sex workers? 

Buckle in, I have a whole lot of thoughts about this question. I won’t pinpoint to the exact origin of this question, because it’s beside the point. However, the reason I bring it up is that’s it’s a question I’ve seen asked time and time again – in various forms. The question boils down to whether or not cam models/clip makers/online Dominatrixes etc., are sex workers.

There are a lot of arguments as to whether the answer is yes, or no. In fact, there are so many arguments that I could probably write an entire dissertation exploring them, and maybe one day I will. 

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My Sexuality & Identity

My Sexuality & Identity I knew I was queer, before I realised I was queer. My relationship looks heteronormative, and I present mostly as a cis straight female. I’ve gone along with that for the past few years, but I know I’m not. I definitely know I’m not now. I’ve known for quite sometime that I wasn’t straight. I remember being attracted to women from a very early age, and being attracted humans in general for as long as I can remember. Overtime, that attraction didn’t dissipate, it grew stronger. From being secretly in love with female friends, to realising…

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Elust 109 | Sex Bloggers are Awesome

The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust.

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Don’t brush off my ovulation pain.

Don’t brush off my ovulation pain. Part 1 of my experiences with the medical system, and hormonal health. It’s not sharp pain, not usually. It’s an aching gnawing pain that makes me press my hand to my stomach. In February, I was told that this was perfectly normal. The gynaecologist said that to my face, she said that it’s normal to have pain throughout your entire cycle. I went home, and I researched. Medical research is what I do best. Once you’ve experienced pain that makes you want to float away into nothingness, Googling symptoms doesn’t really scare you any…

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It’s okay if you’re exhausted by sex toys.

 It’s okay if you’re exhausted by sex toys. I was thinking today (as I occasionally do), whilst trying to round up, organise, and figure out what sex toys to review next, that sex toys are exhausting. Like a kid in a candy shop there’s so much choice you never know what you want, when you want it, or how many you want (sometimes a person needs two sparkly dildos). The abundance of choice, particularly when you’re trying to test sex toys is tiring. I mean, at the end of the day sex toys are meant to do one thing, they’re meant…

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