How to deal with the sex work clutter.

How to deal with the sex work clutter.

Sex Worker Clutter

It’s really easy to collect items as an adult entertainer. Really easy. Over the years I’ve had the have multiple clear outs – sometimes as often as every season, because my boxes of tricks get too big, and full of clutter.

So, here’s what I’ve been doing:

Step 1

I ask myself three questions in regards to the item: When did I buy it? When was the last time I used it (if ever)? Does it really have a purpose? And a few extra questions for stockings – do they have ladders in them/can I find the other one?

Step 2

Then I tend to sort things into categories and frequency of use, and if it’s broken/damaged, and not easily repaired, I get rid of it. It’s pretty easy to sort all the things I use on a daily/weekly basis.

Step 3

I have a ‘limbo’ box. I put everything I can’t make a decision on into a box, so I know it’s there and can get it if I suddenly think of a way to use it. Everything that’s left after 6 months in the box gets donated/binned/sold depending on the item.

Step 4

Boxes. I allow myself 3 ‘work based’ boxes in my Kallax unit for cam equipment/outfits/clothes (not shoes). That’s it. I also only keep one thing in each category. So if I’ve a dozen outfits that are slightly different I’ll try only keep one (like Christmas outfits), unless it’s a popular genre.

Step 5

If I really need to keep a bunch of outfits, I will use those vacuum bags so they take up less space, same goes for the rest of the extra clothes that don’t fit in the three boxes. I also always try and make sure I’m storing things efficiently. A box with stuff chucked in it will hold less than an organised box, and an organised box will feel better in terms of clutter. That way everything takes up less space and I can still keep the stuff just in case I get a random custom request, or if I’m not particularly ready to put it in limbo yet. I like to make sure I can can still easily access the stuff in the boxes – digging around for an item will just mean messing the box up again leading to the ‘cluttered’ feeling.

Step 6

Set aside a day to crack on and actually use the item. It’s a good excuse see if the item/costume actually works, or if it was just a good idea in theory. So, if I’ve produced content with it, and found other ideas for the item great, if not, I get rid of it or limbo it.

Step 7

The last, but most important rule I used is to be honest with myself. I find it’s easier to make clips if I’ve got less stuff as then the decision on what I’m going to wear or use etc has already been done for me.

Granted, you could use these tips for just about anything – but I’m a little more reluctant to let go of my other items. So, my sex work boxes are the ones I gut regularly.

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