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  • Rocks Off Atomic Streamlined Elegance Vibrator [Sex Toy Review]

    Rocks Off Atomic Streamlined Elegance Vibrator [Sex Toy Review]
  • Rocks Off Joycicles Shimmer Vibrator [Sex Toy Review]

    Rocks Off Joycicles Shimmer Vibrator [Sex Toy Review]
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    Toone Rechargeable Silicone Vibrator with Flexible Ears [Sex Toy Review]
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    Blush Novelties Avant Pride P1 [Sex Toy Review]
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    Blush Novelties Exposed Nocturnal Lipstick Bullet Vibrator [Sex Toy Review]
  • Minx Discretion Waterproof Mini Black Vibrator [Toy Review]

    Minx Discretion Waterproof Mini Black Vibrator [Toy Review]

Caring too much about the wrong thing.

I give too many fucks.

I’ve known that I give too many fucks for some time, but a conversation with the Gent at 2am this morning really highlighted that fact when every worry I had was met with ‘that’s because you care too much’.

Caring is great, in fact the world would be a better place if people cared even a smidgen more, but caring too much can leave you paralysed with fear. It can give you endless anxiety, decision fatigue, and insecurity. It can make you reconsider your identity, your work, and ambitions.

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2018 Roundup

2018 was my first proper year of blogging. Whilst this blog did start during the latter half of 2016, a lot of things happened that took my attention away during 2017, so 2018 was the year I really got into it. And it’s show. I’ve published 80 blog posts this year (18 last year), and more than doubled the amount of reviews I wrote in 2017 – granted not a hard thing to do.

I’ve already posted my sex blogging resolutions, but here is a very quick roundup of 2018!

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My Sex Blogging Resolutions!

Hello! I’ve not disappeared! Attempting to work, balance body, the holidays, earning money, and moving house took a toll, and I let blogging go a tad, but things are starting to settle down, so I’m back! And just in time for the start of 2019, speaking of which.

New Year’s resolutions about eating heathy, and drinking less are all well and good, but those are pretty useless to me. So, I’ve decided that this year I will only make resolutions about sex blogging. Accountability, and all that!

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Elust 113 | Sex Bloggers are Awesome!

Photo courtesy of Quinn Rhodes Welcome to Elust 113 The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #114? Start with the rules, come back January 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates! ~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~ The Source of Control Town Use FOMO is NOT how my vagina feels about sex. ~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~ The Weight…

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Things I love: November 2018 Roundup

Things I love: November 2018 Roundup Between hospital appointments, house moving, a birthday, and life dramas, November has been an odd sorts of busy month. I also can’t believe we’re already in December, I swear it was January just a moment ago. As December 1st draws to a close, December 2nd will mean that I can start playing Christmas music, and decorating things! It’s a Gent rule to stop me playing Christmas songs in September … or July. This month I tried to blog as much as possible (in the spirit of NaNoWriMo), and I ended the month with a shocking…

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That One Fantasy

That One Fantasy There’s always that one fantasy – my go to, that gets me off. Sure, there are other fantasies in my brain, and variations of those fantasies that I drift to from time to time. But for the most part I know that my old dependable fantasy will get me off. I know how to stretch it out with ‘filler details’ – if you will, fluff that my brain can latch onto as I’m warming myself up. I also know how to shorten it down so all the pertinent details whizz through my head, whilst I bang one out. It’s an…

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My Medical History! (A Little Background Info)

Hi, I’m Eve. Today we’re going to cover some of my very complicated medical histories. Let’s talk about that, shall we?

You might want to grab yourself a cup of tea to begin with, or beverage or an alcoholic drink depending on your outlook in life. We’ll going to talk about medical conditions today. Mine in particular. Now, this isn’t really to do with sexuality and disability, but it does pertain to them in their own way. I like to discuss my disability in regards to sexuality – disability and sexuality, accessible sex toys, accessible lingerie, and you have got to know that I have a basis for what I’m talking about.

We’re going to cover my medical conditions. They are vast. There are a lot of them and every single paramedic I meet, and clinician, doctor, nurse wherever I hand them my cheatsheet they’re like, “that’s a lot.”

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Moving House to Improve My Sex Life! [Video Transcript]

In approximately less than a month, I will be in a new place which is absolutely terrifying – bone-chillingly terrifying. But, exciting, very exciting. There’s a lot to do in terms of buying and packing everything else, but absolutely terrifying. However, the thing I am most excited about is that my sex life is going to improve. I know this, I know this without a single doubt in my mind because my house isn’t accessible. So, everything is an improvement.

It’s also interesting … I’m going to go with interesting. The house I’m in now is an old house. It’s a house that has a lot of windows that I hate that are not double glazed. (So many ladybugs in the bedroom right now, it’s very weird – They’re perving on us during sex) It’s very drafty, and very steep stairs, completely inaccessible and just a money pit. Thankfully, we’re just renting, so it’s not our fault if anything breaks.

The house we’re in now has no space for spontaneous sex. The previous place I was in, a lot of spontaneous sex happened in places where it really shouldn’t have happened, like the bathtub. The edge of the bathtub which then ended up being on the floor in the bathroom which then, by mutual agreement, the Gent and I just decided that it was working, shall we go to the bedroom. Surprisingly, it worked a lot better there.

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Bondara: 10 Stocking Fillers Under £10

… I’ve just found a bunch of stocking stuffers for the Gent!

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I told my physiotherapist I wanted to have sex. [Video Transcript]

Hi. I’m Eve, and I told my physiotherapist that I wanted to have physiotherapy to improve my sex life.

So, it’s slightly click bait, but I did have physiotherapy this week. I’ve had two sessions now, with an NHS physiotherapist. I had a few with a prior physiotherapist, but they were odd and too intrusive, and very judgy. You find when you’re chronically ill, and you start going to places to “get better” people become their own authority over you.

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