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  • Social Media Management
  • Sex Work Consultant
  • Disability Consultant
  • Sex Toy Reviews
  • Product Reviews
  • Original writing for your site or blog.



I am open to doing reviews via email for research projects/articles, but please be aware that it might take some time to get back to you due to my chronic illness.


If you’d like to sponsor any content, feel free to send me an email. Please keep in mind that my content reaches audiences that are 18 plus. I do not give time frames for reviews as my chronic illnesses makes it difficult to plan my days.

If you send me an item to review, you acknowledge that whatever I post will be honest and unbiased, and that even if you send an item it does not mean I will review it on my blog. I will always disclose when I receive a product that’s been sent for review.

In regards to sex toys, they MUST be body safe – if you send me a toy that isn’t body safe I reserve the right to not review it.

For social media I use this blog, Twitter, and Instagram.