Caring too much about the wrong thing.

I give too many fucks.

I’ve known that I give too many fucks for some time, but a conversation with the Gent at 2am this morning really highlighted that fact when every worry I had was met with ‘that’s because you care too much’.

Caring is great, in fact the world would be a better place if people cared even a smidgen more, but caring too much can leave you paralysed with fear. It can give you endless anxiety, decision fatigue, and insecurity. It can make you reconsider your identity, your work, and ambitions.

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What’s in a name?

I have made over 1000+ clips. I will (hopefully) go on to make over 1000+ more. After the first 100 naming them gets harder. The names become less creative, and more SEO driven. Partially because coming up with creative names doesn’t sell as well as ‘big tits JOI’, and partially because SEO is everything nowadays. 

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Starting over in clip industry.

Starting over in clip industry. I’ve been involved with clips since the start. It’s how I began my career in the adult industry, and it’s probably how I’ll continue it. For me, clips sell, and they sell well enough for them to be my primary source of income. However, I’m comfortable right now, almost too comfortable. Naturally, this means starting over in clip industry. Let me just say that I started writing this before the events surrounding IWC occurred, but it was a good reminder that this industry isn’t stable, so you take it for all you can. Why did…

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MoonyVids You know yesterday when I blogged about the latest clip site ‘drama’, well that was yesterday. As predicted today brings something new, this time from the clip site known as ManyVids! This new thing … MoonyVids.  I’ll give you 10 seconds to guess where this is going. Moon, vids … MoonyVids! I hear you groaning, and not from sexual release. The plan: “to alleviate the alienation and isolation of space travel.” If like me, you still can’t quite wrap your head around why this is happening, here’s a little more content from Bella French ManyVids model, and CEO: “We’d like to…

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Are cam models sex workers? 

Buckle in, I have a whole lot of thoughts about this question. I won’t pinpoint to the exact origin of this question, because it’s beside the point. However, the reason I bring it up is that’s it’s a question I’ve seen asked time and time again – in various forms. The question boils down to whether or not cam models/clip makers/online Dominatrixes etc., are sex workers.

There are a lot of arguments as to whether the answer is yes, or no. In fact, there are so many arguments that I could probably write an entire dissertation exploring them, and maybe one day I will. 

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My Sex Work Story

How I got into sex work, and why. This post I’m going to talk about my journey into sex work, but first, a little intro. To make a long story short I’m disabled. I have, and have had undiagnosed widespread chronic pain, plus a wide assortment of weird medical maladies for 10 going on 11 years now. Being a medical mystery/pain in the docs butt, is a huge part of my life, and it effects me daily. Not a day goes by where I’m free of pain or annoying symptoms, and if I try to do too much too fast then that day gets a…

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Sex Work 102

Sex Work 102 If you’re looking at this article it means you’re either in the adult industry, or a thinking about getting into the adult industry or you’re hate reading this article which means I still get views. Welcome! I couldn’t possibly cover everything in my last article about sex work, so here is the second part of sex worker basics. These ‘tips’ – if you like apply if you’re only working online, working real time (in person), or a mixture of both. Before reading this article, I highly suggest you read the previous one. 1. Expect that people will…

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6 Tips to Diversify your Business

6 Tips to Diversify your Business Never keep all your eggs in just one basket! This is part two in my serious about money, however this advice doesn’t specifically pertain to sex work. If you’re looking to make extra money, you might find a tip or two in the post below useful to diversify your business, or businesses. Find out what you’re good at. Many skills are marketable, you just have to find out what those skills are.  For example, my job includes writing, graphic design, video production, voice-over work, editing, and much more. They’re all marketable transferable skills that…

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The impact of SESTA, FOSTA, and The DE Bill.

The impact of SESTA, FOSTA, and The DE Bill. SESTA, FOSTA, The DE Bill have decimated my love for my job, and I hate it. Just like I regained my sexuality with Eroticon, working this past month, and listening to podcasts have reignited my love for my job. I love sex work, but people don’t love sex workers. I’m working on a post about the impact of SESTA, FOSTA, and The DE Bill as a whole, but for now, as requested from a lovely Patreon, this is how the impact of SESTA, FOSTA, and The DE Bill has impacted me. I’m…

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My Sex Work Story: How I Got into Sex Work, and Why [Video Transcript]

My Sex Work Story: How I Got into Sex Work, and Why Transcript Today I’m going to talk about my journey into sex work. Controversial topic, especially considering the current climate with SESTA, FOSTA, and the digital economy bill. But I think that’s why I need to talk about sex work and how I got into it, because people don’t understand sex work. There’s a lot of fear mongering going around and sure, there is a reason for it. There is a reason people are worried, but sex work isn’t sex trafficking and that’s a distinction I want you to…

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