Sex Work 102

Sex Work 102 If you’re looking at this article it means you’re either in the adult industry, or a thinking about getting into the adult industry or you’re hate reading this article which means I still get views. Welcome! I couldn’t possibly cover everything in my last article about sex work, so here is the second part of sex worker basics. These ‘tips’ – if you like apply if you’re only working online, working real time (in person), or a mixture of both. Before reading this article, I highly suggest you read the previous one. 1. Expect that people will…

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6 Tips to Diversify your Business

6 Tips to Diversify your Business Never keep all your eggs in just one basket! This is part two in my serious about money, however this advice doesn’t specifically pertain to sex work. If you’re looking to make extra money, you might find a tip or two in the post below useful to diversify your business, or businesses. Find out what you’re good at. Many skills are marketable, you just have to find out what those skills are.  For example, my job includes writing, graphic design, video production, voice-over work, editing, and much more. They’re all marketable transferable skills that…

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Tips and Tricks from a disabled Dominatrix I

Don’t Panic! Tips and Tricks from a disabled Dominatrix I Clients, or at least dealing with clients can be tricky. I don’t session at all these days – it takes it too much out of me. Though, I never used to session to much way back when – I think I average 4 sessions a month on a good month. Why? My time, and energy is precious so I treat it as such, after 12 yers of chronic illness I’ve finally learnt that fact. When I did session I developed a certain way of sessioning – a code of body…

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How to deal with the sex work clutter.

Sex Worker Clutter It’s really easy to collect items as an adult entertainer. Really easy. Over the years I’ve had the have multiple clear outs – sometimes as often as every season, because my boxes of tricks get too big, and full of clutter. So, here’s what I’ve been doing: Step 1 I ask myself three questions in regards to the item: When did I buy it? When was the last time I used it (if ever)? Does it really have a purpose? And a few extra questions for stockings – do they have ladders in them/can I find the…

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Sex Work 101

Sex Work 101 I started working in the adult industry in 2013, since then I’ve been a cam model, Dominatrix, clip producer, freelancer, phone sex operator, and custom content producer. My skillset is wide and varied, and I’m proud of the work I do. Sex work allows me my own schedule, and it lets me deal with multiple chronic illnesses without worrying when I’m going to be able to work again. Below, I’ve noted down six key points anyone should take into consideration before thinking about jumping into the adult industry. I could write for hours on the topic, which…

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