What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

AKA is there any originality left when attempting to name clips?

I have made over 1000+ clips, and I will (hopefully) go on to make over 1000+ more. After the first 100 naming them got harder. The names became less creative, and more SEO driven. Partially because coming up with creative names doesn’t sell as well as ‘big tits JOI’, and partially because SEO is everything nowadays. 


I try to be as original as I can, but it’s the clip industry, and nowadays for me, it’s female domination. Submissive people tend like what they like, and as a producer you tend to cover the ‘standards’ multiple times. For example: red light green light games, masturbation tease clips, cum eating instruction, cleavage ignore, jerk off instruction, going ‘broke’, financial domination, draining wallets etc. There’s only so many ways you can clearly explain all that within a snappy clip title.

There are a lot of FemDom clip names that are overdone, and I’m guilty of doing them again and again because they sell. That’s the important bit. If the clips didn’t sell, I wouldn’t continue to make title them as I do. At the end of the day, that’s what we all want. We want to sell clips, and we want to consistently make money.

Creative Freedom?

I have a list of clip names I’d love to use. I once played a game of sorts where I came up with movie titles, and song titles that fit within certain clip themes. Some of them are great, and I’ve used them in my clips. However, the ones I really want to use, the most obscure ones, won’t sell as well. 6/7 years into this job, and I don’t need to try them to know as I’ve been burned in the past. Top tip, attempting to include ‘whimsical, superfluous’ and similar words will just make customers confused, and ask loads, and loads of questions in your Twitter DMs. It’s not worth it. Granted, the odd ‘complex’ named clip might sell well if there’s enough tantalising flesh in the preview, it’s the right time of year, the right fetish, the right clients, or the position of the moon in relation to Mars.

The vast majority of the time, I’m going to use ‘big tit JOI CEI with tease’ as opposed to ‘give me your all and submit’. The buzzwords ‘JOI, CEI, tease, big tits’ … that’s what they want to know. Sure, they could, and might read the description, but the vast majority of the time clients buy porn in the moment they want to get off, so you don’t necessarily want to prolong the experience by figuring out a clip title.

I do think there is more creative freedom within the realm of vanilla porn, but only slightly. The same rules still apply. If I were to produce a Poison Ivy masturbation and dildo insertion clip, I’m not going to go the artsy route, I’m going to say it how it is. I’m going to title the clip something along the lines of ‘Poison Ivy Fucks Herself to Intense Orgasm!’, not ‘Poison Ivy Enjoys Her Pleasure’. Don’t judge, that’s off the top of my head. I say all this with a slight ‘vanilla’ background too – I’ve produced hundreds of tease clips, and some I’ve named creatively, some descriptively. Unsurprisingly, the name mattered.

The clearer the name, the more sales I got.

Is there any originality left when naming clips?

Is there any originality left when attempting to name clips? And more specifically, FemDom clips? Honestly no, or if there is there’s next to nothing. With the clip industry becoming more saturated day after day you’d think names that stand out would do better, but according to my sales log it’s the other way around. Sometimes customers don’t care about the name, and that’s usually when they’re regulars. As the industry is ever evolving, and seemingly fickle, like every other business model you want to, and have to rope in new clients, which means easy, and catch clip titles.

Question for porn consumers, what’s your favourite clip title? 



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