Things I love: November 2018 Roundup

Things I love: November 2018 Roundup

Things I love: November 2018 Roundup

Between hospital appointments, house moving, a birthday, and life dramas, November has been an odd sorts of busy month. I also can’t believe we’re already in December, I swear it was January just a moment ago. As December 1st draws to a close, December 2nd will mean that I can start playing Christmas music, and decorating things! It’s a Gent rule to stop me playing Christmas songs in September … or July.

This month I tried to blog as much as possible (in the spirit of NaNoWriMo), and I ended the month with a shocking 21 posts! (If you’d like to catch up, go here.) For someone that usually writes anywhere between 0-5 posts a month, I’m pretty dang pleased with myself. My aim is to now post far more regularly. I think I’ve been a bit scared to post often because I didn’t feel that the post was ‘perfect’, but I’m trying to get better at letting go of the post, and admitting that it will never be the 100% perfect post I want to see, and instead aim for around 80-90%. So, I hope you like the more frequent posts, because there are going to be plenty more of them!

One final thing before I get onto the list, I’ve had my personal best month stats wise this month, so I want to say a bit thank you to you guys for reading all the posts! It means a lot to see the stats increasing month after month.

Right, here’s a selection of all the things I’ve loved this month!

1) Oral Sex

As some of you know, recently I figured out this whole oral sex thing, and now I love it. In fact, all going well, it’s on the sex agenda for tonight!

2) Avant Pride P1

I reviewed this little gem earlier in the month, and it’s still pretty damn awesome. We’ve recently worked out that we can attach the suction cup, to another suction cup to make a dildo handle! I say we, credit goes to the Gent.

3) Molly’s Top 100 List!

The list was released today, and somehow, I placed at 13! I am so honoured to be on this list in-between bloggers I admire. Do o check it out, as there are so many brilliant blogs on the list.

4) I turned 25!

Granted, this will always be a November favourite as it’s my birthday month, but this year marks 25 years on planet earth. I’m pretty happy that I’ve managed to make it this far, as between my health – physical, and mental, I have had my doubts. I’m rather intrigued to see what the next year brings – fingers crossed for world domination!

5) Lastly, my new flat.

Not exactly kinky, but I’m pretty damn sure that this new flat will improve my sex life, make me more independent, and mean that I’m able to work so much more! I can’t wait to move in, decorate (hello IKEA), and settle into life on one level.


My big question to you, what’s your favourite Christmas song?



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