My Medical History! (A Little Background Info)

My Medical History! (A Little Background Info)

My Medical History!

(A Little Background Info)


Hi, I’m Eve. Today we’re going to cover some of my very complicated medical histories. Let’s talk about that, shall we?

You might want to grab yourself a cup of tea to begin with, or beverage or an alcoholic drink depending on your outlook in life. We’ll going to talk about medical conditions today. Mine in particular. Now, this isn’t really to do with sexuality and disability, but it does pertain to them in their own way. I like to discuss my disability in regards to sexuality – disability and sexuality, accessible sex toys, accessible lingerie, and you have got to know that I have a basis for what I’m talking about.

We’re going to cover my medical conditions. They are vast. There are a lot of them and every single paramedic I meet, and clinician, doctor, nurse wherever I hand them my cheatsheet they’re like, “that’s a lot.”

The first thing I’m going to cover is my feet. Now, I’m looking at my cheat sheet because I’ve tried some this a few times, I got off track. What they suspect is CRPS, and erythromelalgia. Now, no one knows. Basically, no one knows. They’re throwing words at me because they don’t know, but I don’t fit into either of those two categories. It’s complicated. There’s a lot of backstory of my feet.

It’s been nearly two years. I get intense, intense pain, swelling, cramping, redness, heat, increase sensitivity but also I get numbness on the tips of my toes and some my soles. It’s very odd when I have a lot of odd sensations in my feet. I am very susceptible to vibrations. I have to be very careful with vibrations, so the mass vibration of a Doxy, for example, will impact my feet, so I have to be careful.

I also have problems with my hands. They’re not as severe with my feet but my hands have taken on some of the characteristics, in that they swell occasionally and then they go very very red – I have glasses of ice cubes that I have to have my hands around, when I’m doing anything that involves friction for example, like doing up bra strap, which is why I started reviewing lingerie.

It is difficult to put up with them both and deal with them. It’s been a depressing couple of years to be perfectly honest. I think it’s okay to be perfectly honest about that. It’s been hard. I got hospitalized for it because the pain was so severe, and I managed but I’m a lot better. Well, no I’m not a lot better now but I’m in a better place now than where I was about a year ago.

I’m just trying to chip away at the NHS. I’m trying to keep that part small. We’ve got a lot to cover. Something else about me is I have a mild hearing loss. Now, this is an odd one. Again still being investigated, still waiting on people. I have lost in the lower tones primarily, so deep bassy noises I don’t hear well.

When I’m at gigs, for example, I have to put my hands in, well my fingers in my ears to press down the little ear bit to hear the music clearly. The music also really hurts. It’s uncomfortable, it’s very uncomfortable. I have a lot of vertigo with it and tinnitus that is seemingly constant there, and fluctuations in hearing. I’m being investigated for it but they don’t know.

Those are the two things that are not diagnosed that impact me most. I’ve got some vision problems as well – I mean I wear glasses. I’ve got a problem with not color but seeing things. I’m going to explain this using this (a light controller with multiple circular buttons). Imagine all this were just black. In the opticians, they give you a test where you have a bunch of dots together and they’re like, “What’s clearer one or two?” Then they changed the prescription. Now, my eyes they’re a bit fuzzy anyway but what will happen is no matter the lens I will miss something. I’ll just not see them and then I can look back and they’re there but maybe this one is missing. Then maybe this one’s half missing. It may be this one’s a bit lighter and then maybe these ones just has a dot on it. That’s the best way I find to describe what’s going on with my eyes.

It’s terrifying when there’s a spider because especially if they’re tiny, I won’t be able to see them. I look back and they’ll be in the corner of my eyes it’s like, “Shit, spiders.” As what’s happening in our house at the moment, lots of ladybugs so they cluster and seem to have ladybug sex so they’re easy to see.

Those are the three things that we’re not sure about. The other things I have are fibromyalgia, widespread chronic pain, tenderness and a host of other things that come with fibromyalgia. Now I waited years to figure out my fibromyalgia diagnoses, and I’m not not grateful for it. This is medicine. It’s the NHS. It’s ever evolving. I have symptoms. I could be diagnosed with ME/CFS. I could be diagnosed with CFS and fibromyalgia. I could be diagnosed with other conditions. I am problematic in that I fit a lot of diagnostic criteria. It’s really difficult to put me in a category, but the fibromyalgia diagnosis came a fair few years back, so this is after everything else started.

Nowadays, fibromyalgia, CFS, ME … I could slot into either or even both. Fatigue is a major part of it now, and I know fibromyalgia used to be like, “What’s with fatigue or pain?” and that would decide your diagnosis to be honest nowadays, both are equally as bad.

Moving on, I have IBS. Good old IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Yes, that one just really describes itself, doesn’t it? I’ve had that for as long as I can remember. It’s been one of those things I’ve just grown up with and managed. It seems quite inconsequential to me now. When it plays up, it plays up and it does not seem inconsequential then, but for the most part, I’ve just gotten along with it. It’s a thing.

Combined with that I have a lot of food intolerances like gluten, wheat, milk and lactose, and egg. We’re not entirely sure if some of those aren’t low-level allergies or if it interferes with my oral allergy syndrome which is called pollen-food syndrome as well. Essentially, the pollen on the food like apples and apricots, I’m allergic to. My lips will swell or my throat will feel tingly and then I stop eating that food and start taking a lot of antihistamines. It’s not quite an anaphylactic attack, though some people do have anaphylactic attacks from it.

Myself, thankfully, mine’s quite a mild one. Though we are investigating spontaneous angioedema that I seem to have developed or something. I think it’s a fish allergy. I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to fish. The allergist was very convinced that it wasn’t fish to the point where he kept saying trauma can make the lips swell and kept looking at the Gent. That was my allergist for you. I take that with a grain of salt. Either way, I carry antihistamines. I have epi-pens on me all the time.

I have other food problems, but I also have problems with food from allergies, intolerances and what have you. I’m also allergic to dogs, cats, anything with fur and I have hay fever. That’s a massive problem if I’m ever around pets because I love them and I wanted to stroke them and pet them, but I cannot. I’m trying to keep this brief. It’s really a struggle. I’ve hit ten minutes and we’re not even halfway through.

I have also something called RSI, which according to one physio is now defunct. They don’t class that anymore, but my problems are still there with my wrists. Any repetitive motion and yes, like wanking, is problematic for me. I can’t do it. It is difficult. It’s painful the next day. Lots and lots of pain. I’ve tried strengthening my wrists to no avail.

I also have TMD – temporomandibular joint disorder. It’s kind of like a laundry list of problems. My worst side is here. TMD mostly cause me pain. A lot of these problems mostly cause me pain. Even the allergies used to cause me pain. Unless I say otherwise, my main problem with it is pain.

I also have sciatica. Again, pain. Sciatica is the sciatic nerve that runs along by your bum down to you toes. My left hip is my most problematic and we have to be very careful with it. I’m not entirely convinced my hip doesn’t pop out of it’s socket occasionally, to be perfectly honest with you. Part of me thinks it does because when I’m walking down the stairs and I have to go down one step at a time, my hip pops out, but my doctor said that’s normal. I’m not sure if she meant normal for me though. We developed a new normal in the sense, “Oh, it’s just a you thing.” It’s like, “Yes, probably.”

Alongside that I have piriformis syndrome. You know sciatic nerve, the muscle alongside it, gets inflamed. If you have both of them inflamed at the same time, it’s a bitch. It’s an absolute bitch and it has rivaled some of my worst pain days occasionally. That one’s problematic.

I have really, really fun chronic acid reflux. I mean, I’m on a lot of medication. I’m on stomach protectors anyway but if I’m not on stomach protectors then I have acid reflux. That sucks. That’s not fun. Again, a lot of these things some of them just flare and then it’s like, “God this is horrible,” but my feet, my eyes and my hearing and my fibro for most part are constants. My jaw pain up occasionally, but my feet I think, they’re my constants that I deal with 24/7. My feet are my main constant shall I say. Where else we got?

Myofascial pain disorder.

So essentially you know when you’re having a massage and there’s a knot. Some people have knots they can get out. My body just has knots and that’s a trigger for pain on my body. It can’t be massaged out. It’s just something I’ve got. Some studies think that myofascial pain disorder can lead to fibromyalgia and other pain disorders which is interesting. The myofascial pain disorder was discovered by a surgeon which is great fun. It was a jaw surgeon with my TMD jaw. She pressed somewhere, and there’s pain in other places. I don’t recommend finding out like that because you can’t scream, or you just bite off their fingers, I mean one or the other okay, really.

Costochondritis, this is my … It fluctuates. This is probably my next kind of level that I deal with. I had a major problem with this a couple of weeks ago. The problem with costo is that it can mimic almost heart attack symptoms. For someone with health minor health anxiety – I have got a lot better at it. It’s not a fun. I did have to call an ambulance few weeks ago because my entire chest felt awful and they ran the scans and like, “Do you want to go to a A&E?” It’s like, “No, because I’ve been waiting five hours to be told it’s nothing.” The costochondritis is inflammation of the muscle in between the bones of the ribcage and can be all around it. There is something that’s a cousin to it called Tietze’s syndrome which is when you get swelling of the rib cage. I do not have swelling I just have lots and lots of pain and tenderness when poked so that’s one that I want to do more on in terms of sexuality instability because oh boy, that’s become problematic. Onto the final few now!

We have asthma which is pretty self-explanatory. Sometimes my lungs don’t want to be lungs and breathe. I have thankfully only ever had one asthma … God I’ve just literally – Those are words I try to never say. I’ve had one asthma attack. I’ve had many problems with my asthma, but only one that required me to go to hospital and thankfully, my body sorted itself out before I need it anything. The doctors were like bye-bye.

I don’t know how much of this is the NHS being negligent to be honest. I don’t know what is supposed to happen in half of these instances. I go to A&E and they’re like, “You’re fine.” I was like, “Why do I feel like I’m dying?” It’s probably a thing, but they just say ‘you’re on your period’. Yes, that’s also a thing. Yes.

And I have gallstones. I have gallstones. Hopefully, by end of year I will not have gallstones, but as of now I have gallstones, and I have had eight gallbladder flares. Let’s hope there’s no more.

That’s the kind of list, if you will!

How they impacts me is well, lots of pain. Lots of muscle fatigue. Lots of problems with positioning. A lot of problems with my hips, my hips have a lot of problems. My back hurts a lot. Spine occasionally hurts which is not good, and sensation is a big thing. I either have too much sensation and I’m hypersensitive so like a touch that shouldn’t be painful for maybe you or someone you know, it’s very painful for me or I don’t have sensation like my fingertips. My fingertips used to be fingertips and now they don’t really feel well, and jaw issues. You can imagine this creates problems with blowjobs, sex and the hips. Moving my body causes issues apparently too, and my feet – our main problem that we’re trying to deal with.

That is a very quick rundown of my medical history. Hopefully, it will help you to get a better picture when I’m talking about sex toys and accessibility, and why I’m thinking of these things. It should be something that people think of more, and there is slowly a growing awareness which I’m seeing and I love and want to talk about sexuality and disability. This is where my point of view comes from. I’ve got these conditions, and I have had pain for mostly all my life, chronic pain in one form or another.

I’ve also got a few other medical things going on that I will probably end up discussing on here. Some of them are practical like positions and some of them are curiosity like constant masturbation and the clenching of muscles during orgasms. That’s me really. I told you it’s a bit complicated. I started talking about all these stuff because I wanted to add to the voices because I realised that when it comes to sex and disability, and sexuality and disability, and sex toys and accessibility there aren’t enough voices so there needs to be more. I hope in whatever way I can, my voice helps.

I hope if you’re reading my post going, “How do we know why is she talking about these things?” Then you know a little bit more about me. If you have any of these conditions, or if you have a chronic illness, or disability, or medical condition and you’re not entirely sure what sex toy will be best for you, what position will be best for you or anything like that, please feel free to ask me questions in the comments below, and I will try and answer it on my blog or this Youtube channel. I want to help more people because sex and disability shouldn’t be just a thing that happens. It shouldn’t be something we have to jump through hoops about. I hope in some way I can help people through that.

Thank you for watching. Now you know me a little better. Tell me a little bit about yourself, who are you? Do you have medical conditions if you feel safe disclosing it. If you feel safe disclosing it how does that impact your sex life? Let’s start a conversation around it because by starting a conversation we can maybe help someone else.

Thank you for watching.

Please subscribe to see more videos and check out My aim by the end of year of 2018 is to have 100 posts up and I’m barreling towards that. A lot more of them are sex toy reviews. If there’s a toy you’d like me to review let me know. That’s a lot of let me knows … but let me know.

Until next time, bye.



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