Sex Work 102

Sex Work 102

Sex Work 102

If you’re looking at this article it means you’re either in the adult industry, or a thinking about getting into the adult industry or you’re hate reading this article which means I still get views. Welcome! I couldn’t possibly cover everything in my last article about sex work, so here is the second part of sex worker basics. These ‘tips’ – if you like apply if you’re only working online, working real time (in person), or a mixture of both. Before reading this article, I highly suggest you read the previous one.

1. Expect that people will judge you for it, even in 10 years time.

A point I probably should have included in Sex Work 101.

There have been many actors that have dabbled or worked for years within the adult industry, and people don’t forget that they’ve worked by selling sex, or a sexual fantasy. Before even signing up or attaching yourself to sex work, think about it. Do whatever it is you need to do to judge whether or not it is the right job for you. If you’re planning on becoming a teacher or lawyer for example, it might be used against you. It doesn’t make it right, but people are petty a lot of the time.

Naturally, some people are still figuring out what they want to do when they start in the adult industry, and there’s no harm in it – just make sure you’ve built yourself up enough to see that

2. Getting Technical

I’ll do a full post on the technical aspects within sex work soon, but for now here’s what you need to know.

  • Buy everything yourself. I’m talking about domains, web hosting etc. Don’t let anyone else do it for you as they’ll own it.
  • Register all your domains and social media handles before you start. ‘Fans’ have been known to snap them up as soon as you come on the scene, only  to hold them hostage for ‘ransom’.

3. Pick a name, and stick with it.

Rebranding is doable, but it’s a lot of effort, time, and sometimes money – buying new domains is needed after all. It’s easier if you take a moment, or five to think about what you’re name, and by extension brand is going to be before you even start. That way, years down the line, you’re still using the same name, and domain you brought years ago. If you rebrand, and you’ve watermarked years of videos, and pictures, if you want to use them again, and not have people search your old name you have to edit them all.

Now, like many things, this won’t be the case for everyone. Sometimes you have to rebrand, and that’s okay. If you ever feel like you might rebrand, my suggestion is to either watermark so your pictures, and videos can be easily edited by you in time – though this will also mean others can easily edit them.

4. Know your brand.

This one ties in with the above, but considering it makes you you, it deserves a seperate point.

A brand is something you’re known for. For years, I was known as a cam model that had a specific inflatable toy in her room. Not only did that make it really easy to find videos to take down, because let’s face it not many people have inflatables just hanging out in their room, but it also made me memorable. Now that I have moved on, I have multiple brands for different facets of my work, and that’s perfectly fine.

Your brand is how you present yourself, and how you want to be seen, but you have to work at it. A brand doesn’t happen overnight. Sure, you can want your brand to be x, y, and z, but it might just turn out to be an inflatable in your room.

5. Equipment doesn’t matter, much.

The basic equipment you’ll need for sex work is a seperate phone, decent laptop, web cam, and a few outfits to get you started. Now, not everyone has a second phone, and some might think that it’s superfluous. However, your phone contains a lot of information about you, and apps always try to connect to each other. My advice is to buy a cheapish phone that takes somewhat decent pictures, and seperate that part of your life.

6. Don’t blow it all at once!

Finally, for this edition, I have to mention money. You will have to pay taxes, so save some money for them. Unexpected circumstances happen where you have to dip into your savings, however, the tax man still wants his money.

On the off chance you make it big – I’ll talk about this soon ‘what makes success’, do not spend it all right away. You will look back in years to come, and realise all those shoes weren’t worth it when you’re paying off debt. Spend sparingly, and save wisely.

That’s it for now folks! If there’s a topic you’d like me to discuss further, please let me know either by commenting or contacting me.

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