It’s okay if you’re exhausted by sex toys.

 It’s okay if you’re exhausted by sex toys. I was thinking today (as I occasionally do), whilst trying to round up, organise, and figure out what sex toys to review next, that sex toys are exhausting. Like a kid in a candy shop there’s so much choice you never know what you want, when you want it, or how many you want (sometimes a person needs two sparkly dildos). The abundance of choice, particularly when you’re trying to test sex toys is tiring. I mean, at the end of the day sex toys are meant to do one thing, they’re meant…

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My Sex Work Story

How I got into sex work, and why. This post I’m going to talk about my journey into sex work, but first, a little intro. To make a long story short I’m disabled. I have, and have had undiagnosed widespread chronic pain, plus a wide assortment of weird medical maladies for 10 going on 11 years now. Being a medical mystery/pain in the docs butt, is a huge part of my life, and it effects me daily. Not a day goes by where I’m free of pain or annoying symptoms, and if I try to do too much too fast then that day gets a…

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Lovehoney Tease Me Bondage Tape [Sex Toy Review]

Lovehoney Tease Me Bondage Tape The Lovehoney Tease Me Bondage Tape, designed to stick to itself and stay stuck, is a welcomed addition to my kit. Believe it or not, I don’t always want to truss someone up in rope. The Basics Price: £5 Materials: PVC (Contains Latex) Shop: Purchase here. Lovehoney Tease Me Bondage Tape is made of PVC, and costs £5 for 20m. I first took the plunge and brought bondage tape a few years ago, thinking that for £5 you can’t really go wrong. Also, it’s shiny, and I like to shiny things. The tape arrived in discreet packaging – a LoveHoney…

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Sex Work 102

Sex Work 102 If you’re looking at this article it means you’re either in the adult industry, or a thinking about getting into the adult industry or you’re hate reading this article which means I still get views. Welcome! I couldn’t possibly cover everything in my last article about sex work, so here is the second part of sex worker basics. These ‘tips’ – if you like apply if you’re only working online, working real time (in person), or a mixture of both. Before reading this article, I highly suggest you read the previous one. 1. Expect that people will…

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6 Tips to Diversify your Business

6 Tips to Diversify your Business Never keep all your eggs in just one basket! This is part two in my serious about money, however this advice doesn’t specifically pertain to sex work. If you’re looking to make extra money, you might find a tip or two in the post below useful to diversify your business, or businesses. Find out what you’re good at. Many skills are marketable, you just have to find out what those skills are.  For example, my job includes writing, graphic design, video production, voice-over work, editing, and much more. They’re all marketable transferable skills that…

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“Good for Disabled People”

“Good for Disabled People” This gets a whole section, and a soapbox. This section was originally within my review of the Rocks Off Ruby Glow toy, however as soon as it reached 800 words I knew I had to split it all up. 2,000 words is far too much to easily read in one sitting.  So, I know the Ruby Glow wasn’t designed with disabled people in mind, but you don’t get to claim the title after the fact if you’ve not spoken to disabled people about how they use it, and if they can actually use it.  Good Housekeeping…

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Rocks Off Ruby Glow [Sex Toy Review]

Sex Toy Review | Rocks Off Ruby Glow  The Rocks Off Ruby Glow was conceptualised by erotic writer Tabitha Rayne, and collaborated with Rocks Off. I met Tabitha at Eroticon this year, and she’s a lovely lady. As you’ll see, this didn’t impact my review.  The Basics  Cost: £39.99 Materials: Body safe silicone Size:  L: 7inch W: 2.5inch  H: 2.25 inch   Weight: 183g   Recommended Lube:  Water Based Waterproof: No Batteries: AAA Modes: 10 different functions. First Use Notes Take it away past Eve!  Note: this was before I got burning/pain in my feet, and legs, so I could…

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Sometimes Sex Hurts

Sometimes sex hurts.  It would be really remiss of me to write about sex toys, sex, and sexuality, without including the realities of sex. Sometimes sex hurts, whether that’s because you don’t get on with position, a part of your anatomy is playing up – depending on the time of the month of cervix will sit lower or higher which can increase the chances all of it being hit with penetration.  These instances are normal, or as normal sex gets, however there are many times where pain during sex is abnormal – unless you’re purposely inflicting pain BDSM style. Right…

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How therapy impacts my sex life.

How therapy impacts my sex life. At the moment I’m going through a lot, though I feel a lot is a bit of an understatement. I’ve restarted therapy, proper therapy. The therapy sessions you finish with a relieved sign, and then promptly go home to clean yourself afterwards. The therapy sessions that make you feel like an hour in the gym would be preferable, and the therapy sessions that wring you out the opposite way to dry. Some of you know what I’m talking about, fo those that don’t I suggest you try it. That’s only somewhat sarcastic, therapy is…

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