My Fetlife Inbox, Part 3

My Fetlife Inbox, Part 3 One day I will finish going through my inbox and rounding up all the messages I receive, but that day might be when I’m old and grey. This is Part 3 of the series My FetLife Inbox. If you’re unsure of the best way to read these posts, or what these posts are all about read part 1 here, and 2 here. 1. I don’t quite know how to respond to that? Also, why do people insist on doubling up letters where it’s unnecessary. I’m not going to even comment on the ‘your’, let’s not…

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Being a Professional Dominatrix with a Disability

I am an pretty darn good Dominatrix.  It doesn’t matter whether I’m playing for fun with play partners, paid professional work in a real time scenario, or online sessions with clients – I’m good. I also happen to be disabled. Now, this doesn’t detract from my abilities, my kink, nor the way I conduct my sessions – whether they’re online or in person. However, it does seem to impact my clients. So, let’s have a conversation.  From time to time I’ve had clients hold off on messaging me, requesting custom content, asking for sessions, or tributing because they know I’m going through…

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