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‘aka Eve breaks the rules.’ I am useless at writing something in 140 characters or less – I ramble. So, I have a different version of this tag! For every post I have – drafts, queued, and published, I will post a fact/confession about myself. My post count: 32 Let’s get started, shall we? I very rarely wear jewellery, and almost never wear earrings. If I wear jewellery, I wear necklaces, and the occasional ring, but I usually just stick to scarfs. 2. I started drinking rum and cranberry during University, and it’s my drink of choice to this day…

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BDSM 101

BDSM 101 A whip here, a tickle there, and a needle somewhere delicate … Everyone has limits. Everyone. Even ‘no limits’ subs that approach me begging to whip them, whether they realise it or not have limits – I’m betting they don’t want me to chop off a vital limb, or perform open heart surgery on them. Limits aren’t a bad thing, nor are safe words, aftercare, or bucket lists  … but that’s just me. Then again, that’s the point of this post. These are my top ten tips for BDSM, and kink. They won’t be everyone’s. Some people will vehemently disagree…

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