14 Practical Blow Job & Jaw Pain Tips

Let’s talk about blow jobs! Note: I can only speak from personal experience, and the tips and tricks below are things I’ve learnt over the years giving head to dildos, penises and the like. This post is also phallus orientated, occasionally penis orientated, and sometimes orgasms in relation to penises orientated. I love blow jobs. Not only do I adore them from a control aspect, but the sadistic part of me likes playing with teeth and pressure. However, one part of me that doesn’t like giving head is my jaw. I have TMD – essentially my jaw hates repetitive movement,…

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Resources on The Digital Economy Bill

The Digital Economy Bill (aka … let’s ban all the porn!) A few weeks ago I started writing a post on the Digital Economy Bill, and my take on what the implications the bill would have. A few weeks later, the bill has changed, I’ve been ill, and my brain refuses to co-operate with me. So, instead I’ve deiced instead to compile a master post of The Digital Economy Bill links, and resources. I will be updating this post with additional relevant links as and when I find them.  The Bill’s Official Parliament Page Pandora Blake An activist, and phenomenal content producer. Twitter: @PandoraBlake Website: pandorablake.com Patreon: patreon.com/pandorablake Notable posts:…

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5 Ways to Feel Attractive During a Symptom Flare

Aka, “I’m experimenting with ways to make myself feel moderately human again.” I feel rotten. I don’t feel attractive, and I definitely don’t feel sexy. Last night, I told that to the Gent. He’s a good egg. He reassured me I’m still attractive, and had my hips been willing he would have definitely had sex with me. But, my brain isn’t quite buying it. My hair is unwashed. I’ve been wearing the same comfy joggers for days. I’m living off crisps, and anything non-perishable I can horde by my bedside, and I’m four layers deep into both dry hair shampoo, and deodorant. Sexy, right? But, this is the…

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Masturbation Frustration

Or, ‘what to do when you can’t physically masturbate’. (But that wasn’t as catchy.) I’m currently bed bound, in the midst of what’s known as a ‘flare’. My muscles ache, and my joints creak. When I move different parts of me hurt from my head, all the way down to my toes. And, as to why I’m telling you all this … I’m horny. Not in a fleeting ‘oh it would be nice to have an orgasm way’, but in a honest to god ‘no orgasms for two weeks, teased to the brink way’ horny. You see, when I’m sick I masturbate. It’s the thing to do when sick…

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